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Friday, March 24, 2017

luo han chai recipe (Buddha delight's)

During the 1st day of Chinese new year my mom will serve this as an breakfast. All of my sibling, brother in law, mom and dad will sit together and have a breakfast. Laughing will fill the atmosphere that morning. Crying and mouth fighting are forbidden because this is the started of the year. This dish are very simple and nice to eat.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A nice cup of cappucino for me and ice cream treat for my children

Sometime getting out your self from the stress is really easy if only you can find the way to make you happy. Be positive and everything will be fine as it is. 
Ice Dream cafe is the most favorite place which i can have my coffee and my children can enjoy their ice cream.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cheese chicken nugget review by Marina

For all the nugget lover this is what i would recommend for you to try. I have tried out so many kind of frozen chicken nugget but this is my favorite one.  
I and my family love this. It can be a nice snack to bring around when traveling or shopping. I have tried their chicken nugget with sausage it really good too. 

My Birthday and Christmas Present 2016

New camera for my belated birthday and in advance Christmas present. It's a new motivation for the year a head. 

Lunch at Champ Sandwich, central plaza

There is no intention on going to shopping at Central Plaza but i really miss the aroma of mashed grill squid serve with nut and soy sauce at there. Since we are there then why not going in. This is the one of the shopping center that has not many people which there are many shop that close or not rent out. Like always i will walk around to see whether there is any new shop open for business. All along the walkway i can smell a nice aroma of grilled butter garlic bread and looking for where is the smell coming from. Then I spotted a new place call Champ sandwich and the smell are coming from there. 
Ice Chocolate Shake

Spaghetti Carbonara

Garlic Bread 

Set C Omelet, butter bread, salad and sausage 

Nice and simple interior

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cleansing Cream by THEFACESHOP review

Hello...recently my skin become bad due to a bad weather sometime hot and rain through out the day. I also try a few type of bb cream and foundation so that can also caused of blockage on my pore and pimple on my skin.
This all happen is because of my laziness to clean my face everyday. Not saying that i didn't  wash my face but i have to clean it deeply. I belive that you guy also know that only wash it using your facial wash aren't good enough to removed all of the makeup. 
This is my newest favourite cleansing cream by The Face shop. I have tried it for one week and this is so good. It's can remove all the makeup easily just apply the cream all over your face and gently massage until all the makeup completely remove. Wipe it with tissue and wash your face with your facial wash. 

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